Is there any such thing as untamed land anymore?

50 years ago or more there was seemingly untraveled and untamed land everywhere you looked. Or so it seems. Now everywhere you look is people. There was a time when the “Wild West” actually was wild and I am actually kind of sad that I am not able to see it all. I have historical books to prove it, but you would not tell by looking around.

I have had this sort of need to explore the great unknown and places where the people that are few and far between are not the Escalade driving yuppies you see everywhere now. Over the years I have figured out that simply walking would not get me far enough away and so I progressed into driving and then making my vehicle more and more capable so that it would get me farther and farther into the back country……and what did I find?

People and more people. Not only people, but their garbage and bad attitudes. It ALMOST made me give up. So then I slowly started going not only further into the backcountry, but further away to get to the backcountry. Now I’ve been exploring much of the places around me and not so around me for years and it still brings me to that question in the title. Is there any such thing as untamed land anymore?

Now I feel the need to leave this country to find out. Mexico, Canada for starters. I’m guessing that both of those places have some solitude and some pristine unbelittled places to enjoy. I don’t really know what else to do.

I’m not even really sure why I go on feeling the way I do, or why the need to explore is so strong within me, but it is. The more I feed it, the more it grows. I just love experiencing different people and places and it will probably never change.

What is life as a happy couple really like?

A while back I took a road trip up to Oregon, where I found this beautiful river called the Mckenzie river above one beautiful lake called cougar lake. I found a nice little deserted campground, got all set up and realized that I kind of half set up in my spot and half in the site next to mine, but I liked the fire pit area better anyways. A few minutes later a truck with a camper on the back rolled into the spot next to me. I didn’t really think all too much of it, and kind of went about my business, but they were not going away. After a few minutes of them setting up a camp they realized that I was pretty much consuming part of their camp space and also had just started a fire in their fire pit.

I could tell that they saw what was going on, both walked into their camper and talked about it for a bit. Then after a few minutes out came a man that looked to be in his 60’s or so, but in very good health. He kind of walks around for a minute and then comes over to my campsite. He says “You know that fire looks mighty inviting, do you mind if my wife and I join you, we have some nice wood to contribute?”

After that we proceeded to talk about so much things it was amazing. His wife came to the fire after a bit, offered me some smoked salmon from a recent trip they took to Alaska and joined into the conversation. As we sat and talked thru the wee hours of the night I realized that these two people were probably in the most caring and loving relationship I had ever seen. They were amazing. They both retired at 60 from some type of government job and were now traveling all over the country in their retirement. They were hunters, and she even showed me a picture of a buck she had taken herself, cleaned and everything!

What was so cool about them both was, that they were traveling in a 3/4 ton truck with a cab-over camper. No place to hide from each other at all. The amazing thing is that they did not bicker or squabble over one thing for the whole 36 hour period that I hung out with them. Not once. They only spoke highly of each other and it was amazing how they seemed to move in such unison at times.

The funny thing about this is that I came across this amazing couple just when I had truly lost all hope in love. It was shortly after my divorce started to get really bad, and I was getting very hurt. Then this couple comes along and literally shows me that true love is not only possible, but that it is amazing. I am still to this day greatful for that chance encounter.

So now this is why I feel so strongly that there is true love out there, and when you don’t settle and take the path of least resistance you will find it. Sometimes it just takes some time and a little patience.

I’m ready and waiting.

I like to travel….and so now I wonder what is next?

This year has been a good year for me to travel. I have to say that I am very greatful for that.

First I went out to Idaho, Nevada and Oregon on a pretty big road trip. That was amazing. I took my daughter with me and she saw some pretty amazing things and even though I’m not sure that she even remembers most of it I am sure it was a good thing. The highlight was Crater Lake just after they got the roads plowed. The snow on that lake was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

Then I went on a trip to visit some friends in Colorado and made a big stop in Moab, Utah. Moab is a very special place, I can see why it is the Mecca that it is. I would live there right now if there were a way, to be perfectly honest. A truly amazing place indeed. As amazing as it was that whole journey was right up there with it. Utah and Colorado are both simply the most beautiful places I have been in my life and they are both very different from one another. More importantly I believe that the Colorado River flows thru some of the most scenic parts of this country and that is no lie. I also went to Pikes Peak and the Great Sand Dune National Park and was totally amazed by the sheer magnitude and size of both. Colorado definately is all about big mountains and I love that!

Then I went working on the road for a bit, went to Texas and Florida and got to drive there and back both times. What an amazing thing. Texas is completely the opposite of everything I have been around my whole life. I’ve never seen so much nothing in my life. The funny part is….I liked it. It was such a change of pace, it was really nice to just soak it up for a bit. Then there was the south and Florida. I was totally in love with Florida when I left. There is so much going on there, it’s hard to not want to stay for a long while and check it all out. Daytona Beach was out of control and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time was quite a funny and strange experience…. There was Baracuda all around me and someone even got bit just down from me! Now thats a we bit different than the Pacific Ocean, I’ll tell ya.

Even inland Florida is quite amazing. There is ponds everywhere there, and I swear to God there is an alligator in every one of them. It cought me a little off gaurd when sitting in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel restaurant staring at a pond and pondering why all the ponds had fences around them and an alligator pops up and swims by!! That was craziness!

Now the year is almost over and theres no more trips on the books…….so that leaves me with my initial question. What’s next?

I went to my favorite place today

It’s not my favorite because of it’s amazing beauty, though it is very pretty. It’s not my favorite because it’s a mountain lake that provides entertainment and excercise most of the year. It’s my favorite, because of the memories. Many good memories have come to pass in, on and around this place in my lifetime. Most of which I would not talk about here, but I can say that all have been life changing.

There was a point in my life that seems quite distant now, when I was a teenager, that my life revolved around this place. A few camping trips, countless days spent swimming, jumping off of high places and loving the sun, and a girl. All of the things that happend during these few short years of my life have defined the rest of my life. I still to this day long for all of these things on a daily basis. I have spent coutless hours trying to find other places that match it in my mind, but none have even come close. Some have more beauty, some have more attraction, but none are this place nor will they ever be.

No matter how far away I get in life, I will always be there. I like to think of it as a journey. On may way there, there, or just leaving there. It is a repetitive cycle that I will never change.

I went for a walk today….

And I seen the Sierras at the most beautiful time of year. The first trip I take on snowshoes is always my favorite of the year, because everything is so drasticly different than it was just a few short weeks prior. It reminds me just how amazing life really is. You can take something that when you first get to know it is very nice, give it some time and you get to watch it blossom into the most amazing thing. It’s nice how you get to enjoy it for a little while, then you leave for a bit, come back and all of the sudden it takes your breath away.

During the summer I travel by vehicle or foot all through the mountains nearby and it captures my heart every time. Then it starts raining and there is some catching up that needs to be done to prepare for winter around the house and I dont get to go out much. Then it starts snowing and the chores are all cought up and I have cabin fever, and that’s when I go.

There is the amazing beauty of the mountains covered in a blanket of snow, all the trees tucked in for the winter, but there is also the way it makes everything that is harsh about the world seem to go away. Don’t get me wrong, winter in the mountains can make a fun place very deadly, I fully understand that. There is always that chance I’d guess, but sometimes the things that are the most dangerous are the ones you want the most.

The very best thing about it all is that sometimes the whole thing reminds me of another thing in life and that is what makes me smile the most.

Welcome to my new blog

If you have found this, then you are either a lucky person or I invited you. Thank you for reading my thoughts, though I’m sure they may seem interesting at times.

Just to get things started I want to talk a bit about myself and what I am all about. I am from a small town in Northern California that has a booming population due to the fact it is an amazing place. It’s the mountains, big trees, some snow (but not too much) lakes, rivers, and four seasons. The Sierra Nevada mountains are truly an amazing place, full of enough entertainment for the adventursome.

I’ve lived here on and off all of my life, mostly staying in Northern California if I did move away due to one thing or another untill recently I went on the road working and fell in love with seeing the rest of what is going on in the world. Actually I’ve been intruiged by it for quite some time, but recently it became my addiction. I can’t think of anything but where I’m going to go next, and how I’m going to make it happen. I’m not really sure if it’s a permanent thing or not, but it is something that is not going away for now.

Ideally I would love to find a great, cheap, and satisfying place to call home, but spend as little time there as possible. That would be ideal, but I know that’s not really life. There are too many things in life that keep me from living this lifestyle and in some ways I am perfectly ok with that. It’s nice to have a good job and a boss that cares for you. It’s also nice to go home to someone that loves you and you love them and everything is all good, but I don’t currently have that so no concern there.

In the end it’s the thought of the great unknown and the great outdoors that makes me happy, but I plan on pouring my mind out here about much more than that. More later….