New Years Resolutions: My goals for the upcoming year.

For the last couple of years I have made a trip to Moab, Utah, but on both of those occassions I have been mostly just passing through. A couple of days can really do the place no justice, so I would really love to spend a couple more days there. In both of my previous journeys I went to Arches National Park and looked around, but this time I would like to take a closer look at Canyonlands National Park. I think that this is the place to camp in the area, from the research that I have done. I also would like to try and accomplish another goal of mine while in Moab, that being to go on a river rafting trip on the Colorado River. I know that this section of the river is by no means hard core, but neither am I, so it may all fit in great. I would really just love to spend a little time out there and enjoy the amazing place for what it is.

As I mentioned before, another goal for the coming year is to go white water rafting. I know that there is some amazing sights to see on the south fork of the American river that is not too far from here, so that would probably be a great place to go. I know that my brother and his wife have expressed interest in this as well, so maybe I could even have a group to go with?? Either way I really hope to give this a whirl this year, and I see no reason not to.

My third resolution for the new year is to not only set a personal record for the most nights spent in the field and in a sleeping bag, but to set a standard of living for myself. In previous years my life has taken a down-turn in the amount of life that I have been living and I hope to stop all that. Being outside is who I am, and what I need, so why not nurture that? I see no reason not to!

Fourth I would like to try and visit as many of the national parks in California as I can this year. Lassen, Yosemite, and Mojave are all definately on the agenda, but there are many here the I am sure are amazing, but no one knows about. I’m not too sure why I have this need to see all of these places, but I do. Many people have their negative thoughts on National Parks, but I really feel like they are a site to see, plus they are an entry way to seeing more of the area. As an example, you go to Rocky Mountain National Park one year on vacation, then you love it so much you decide to research areas around there that are equally as cool and take trips in the future to them as well. This is the way that I do it, and I know that many others do as well.

My final resolution is to build my truck to a capable companion on the many adventures I have planned. Like a gift from an unknown friend, this vehicle has proven to me to be so amazingly worth the price I paid for it that I almost feel guilty…..almost. Maybe it’s just me, but I am greatful, and the project has been giving me a very positive outlook on life. It feels great to accomplish goals and make something work!!!! It’s amazing how much I need a project in my life, I go through withdrawals when I don’t have it. This may be strange, but it’s great to feel like you are actually capable of fixing things, rather than making them worse.

That being said, I am very eager to get going on this next year, I know that it is going to be amazing.

Another saga begins….

A couple of weeks ago I bought another project. This would be a 1979 Toyota Hi-Lux 4×4 truck and the purpose of this project is to give me a vehicle to base my future adventures out of. All in all, the rig is great shape for it’s age, but in time will be completely rebuilt. The intention is to build a vehicle to camp in and carry gear on the adventure called life, and on top of that do it without drawing unneeded attention or carrying a burden of a price tag. I believe it’s possible to have an amazing life, without paying an amazing price tag.

I’ve already got busy on the build up. Modifications so far are 33″ Goodyear MT/R tires , an aluminum camper shell, Midland CB radio, Icom 2 meter ham radio, and an 800 watt Coleman power inverter. I’ve also gone through the truck and fixed all of the little things that seemed to be wrong. Like I said before, the truck is in amazing condition, considering it’s age.

For the next couple of posts, I will go through and show all of the things that I am doing to the truck, and explain why I am doing it. I’m excited about this new chapter in my book of life, and I hope to show you all the cool things I can do with it.

Sorry for another distraction…

I know that it’s been a while since my last blog, but I’m back now. Not a whole lot has been going on with me, just living life I’d guess. I haven’t even owned my own vehicle for a while now, mostly due to having much else to pay for, but also because I haven’t really needed one. A couple of short weeks back I bought an old Toyota Hi-Lux 4×4 with the plans to make it into my next adventure and mini-expedition rig. I’ll post up some pics and plans for that when I get around to it in the next couple of days.

Other than that, the kids are good healthy and work pretty much sucks. Same old, same old. I hope to change all of that pretty soon, so I will let you know when it all starts happening.