Back home now

I’ve been back home now for a while, and things are going ok. It all very surreal to me now, looking back I’m not sure if all of this really happened or not. The amazing thing is that it really did. I’m so greatful.

The unfortunate thing is that I didn’t quite get as far ahead financially as I had hoped, so I wont be going on any trips while I am home. Well I shouldn’t say that, I will say that I have a couple of small trips planned, but I won’t be going on any far reaching trips this time around. It’s ok, I’ll have plenty of time for that later.

For now I do plan to through hike the South Yuba trail, maybe next week some time, and I will also be up at one of my favorite areas this coming weekend, Sawmill Lake. Many, many great memories have come from that place, I hope to have some more this weekend.

About the most exciting thing that has happened so far is that I got all my junk organized and have had time to get all the patches sewn onto my back pack. I’ve been meaning to do that one for a while. I am also working on content for my website, I hope to have that up by the end of the week. Other than that, I’ll let you know what comes up.