I’m trying to get my web presence together

I didn’t really like the way that my website was going, to I decided to scratch that idea. Now I’ve pretty much just decided to stick with this here blog and keep it simple. There is really no need to make things complex and difficult, is there?

Well…for now I can’t see any reason to.

My life has become far more simple in recent times. I’ve been following a path that has been set in front of me, and for what ever reason, it seems to be working out OK. In the future I hope to spend more time exploring the world, seeing how others live and trying to figure out what role I will end up playing in this ever changing crazy world. In the end, I’m on a journey now. It’s not a trip, or a vacation, it’s a journey to save my soul and come to terms with my place in the greater good.

I’m half way through my 4 week vacation now. Things are working out pretty good. I’ve gotten quite a bit of business done. Hopefully the next couple of “vacations” can actually be vacations! I’m going to go camping this weekend, so hopefully I will have something cool to report next week.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

I’ve been so busy trying to get life under control, I’ve had zero time for blogging. I hope to catch back up now. For today I’ll just put up some pictures of where I’ve been the last 8 weeks with a promise to start posting again on a regular basis.

I’m home now, back in Northern California. Life is crazy moving all around me, but it’s working out for the best. When I go back to work I will meet up with the NG Sea Lion in Seattle where we will hang do a couple of trips up and around the San Jaun Islands, then head down to the Columbia/Snake river and do a couple trips up there. After that I will be in the shipyard at Alameda, CA for most of the month of November before heading back down to Baja. This should be an interesting couple of months ahead, for sure.