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Everything in life changes oh so quickly. I try so hard to not be indecisive, but it seems like there are so many forces working against me. The good thing is I feel like I’m making good progress on fixing some of my problems, and that’s nice.

Hanging out in Utah with little money and no vehicle or camping gear is hurting me bad. The weather has been nice, and I look at all these pictures of places that are a couple hours away and I’m going crazy! I want nothing more at this point then to go explore. I’m even contemplating taking some money out of savings and going on a mini-adventure. I mean, renting a jeep and seriously “roughing” it for a couple of days may be worth it. Right? I’d guess we’ll see just how much resolve I have.

Still a couple of weeks until I head up to Alaska, and I’m getting more and more excited daily. I can’t wait to get back to cruising with the icebergs and glaciers. The beginning of the Alaska cruising season is such a kick, the amount of icebergs is insane. Getting up to the glaciers can be quite a scene, and it’s always great to cruise right on by all the other ships that won’t go into the ice fields.

I wake up and see beautiful mountains all around me and I’m having a hard time of it. Yesterday, I made up a video, just playing around, but it turned out OK. It’s just a little pictorial of some of my explorations, and a bit of history about me, and it turned out pretty good.

If you didn’t notice, I’ve been playing around with the Garmin Rino lately. I think that I’ve promised before to post up GPS coordinates of where I am, and now seems like a great time to start. I really need to get to know how to use that thing!

Back in business!

Travel has taken on quite a different meaning for me lately. Right now I write this from a train headed west at 3 in the morning, or is it 4?, and my whole equilibrium is out of whack. There’s times when I can romanticize traveling around the western half of the North American continent and times that I can’t. Even more so it seems to go in phases and I appear to be going from a “what did I get myself into phase” back into a “I’m cool with this” phase.

Life never really works out the way we want it to, but sometimes it comes around. Traveling for a living isn’t all glory and glamor, at the end of the day it’s still work. While I’m in no way sad about the decision I made to live this lifestyle, I am just as suceptable to “grass is greener” mentality as any other human. It would be nice to have a home to call my own, and wife and 2.5 children waiting for me at the end of the day, life has chosen otherwise for me and that’s not such a bad thing.

Some good things have happened lately. I’ve had a good “vacation” as of yet. I made a trip with my daughter, taking her from California to Utah and while we didn’t do anything all too exciting I have been learning that sometimes un-eventful trips are more of a blessing than they may seem. It was nice to go for a ride with my daughter, spend some free time with her to simply be together, and have nothing really all too exciting happen.

This summer will be a different story. We are in the planning stages still, but it looks like I will be accompanied by my daughter on a four to five week road trip that will encompass quite a few miles and many interesting things. The plan, at this point, is to fly into California and pick up my daughter, truck and camping gear, then make a big loop through Nevada, northern Arizona and Utah. Ideally I’m hoping to visit some family, see some sights and spend some quality time with my daughter. Being that she’s six years old now, I’m pretty sure that she will be able to comprehend what she’s going to be doing and I’m hoping it’s not going to be too hard on her. If my assumptions are correct, she’ll be just fine.

Another good thing that’s happened lately is I picked up a new laptop computer. This one with four times the memory and is literally half the size of my previous pc. It’s been a pretty big reason for my net-presence being so small lately. Unfortunately I dropped the last one and the monitor was never quite right anyways. So, now I’m back in business…..

Make your own 3 point sling

Being the cheap-skate that I am I couldn’t see paying $40 or more for a sling for my rifle. Doing a little googling I came up with this:

Original Link

Saved onto my server

I’m glad that doing things for yourself hasn’t totally gone away in this day and age.

The only thing that was different were prices. I went to ACE Hardware as well, and this is what I found:

1″ Slide Lock x2= .60
1-1/2″ Slide Lock x3= 1.80
1-1/2″ Buckle x2= 3.98
1-1/2″ Nylon Webbing x8’= 4.72
1″ Nylon Webbibg x3’= 1.05
Crappy Over-priced CA tax= 1.01

Grand Total= 13.16

So, for $13.16 I got myself a cool new tactical sling that is just as good as ones I’ve priced at $30 and even seen up to $50. I’d say this is worth the 20 minutes it took to get it done!

Back in Cali….again.

I’ve been getting quite a bit down this time around, I got my TWIC card today and have gotten several little projects down lately. This is nice….. but I sure could use some income. I’ll have to work on that, I’d guess.

I’m still trying to find a way to make money on the computer, but nothing has really come of it. I’m hoping that someday soon I will be able to get my own house, then possibly start accruing an inventory of some sort and then possibly going into business. I’m still working on the details, but i have a rough business plan sketched out. Hope to see some more progress on it at some point soon.

This weekend looks like it’s going to be my big opportunity for some time in the woods. I’m going to try and spend a couple of days out, at least. It would be nice to put up some pictures for posterity sakes.

Out in Utah for the week

Well, i made it out to Orem, and the truck didn’t die, so that’s good. I have been kind of looking around at apartments here, the going rate for a studio is around $500 a month. That’s not so bad, and considering I’m homeless right now I’m thinking that it might be doable. Not having a place to hang my hat has been wearing on me, even if it would only be for 3-4 weeks every 3 months. I’m still just not too sure if I want to pay so much for that pleasure, because even at $500 a month that would amount to $1500 for storage and a place to sleep for 3 weeks every 3 months. Is it worth it? I’m not totally sure.

The weather is really nice out here, I guess that I brought it with me from Mexico. They’ve been getting some pretty decent storms lately, but the last couple of days have been beautiful. Unfortunately this trip is all business, so I wont have time to explore, but I will the next time I come out. Look for a full report on that this summer.

My son is doing great, getting big and healthy. I brought my daughter out to see him, and she hardly recognized him. I’m glad that they are getting a chance to spend some time together, it’s good.

Other than that, not a whole lot else to report from here.

Time has been flying by

Well….I just realized that I didn’t post here in the last two months. Work was a little crazy this time around and I didn’t end up doing anything all too exciting. Baja was pretty cool, but now I’m getting spoiled on it. Funny how it works out like that. The place is beautiful, but now I’m used to the beauty. Kind of sad.

I’m in California now, and trying to make a trip out to Utah for the next week. I hope that the truck can do it, I think its good. My daughter is off for spring break, so I’m hoping to get her and my son in the same place for a few days. It would be great for both of them.

Speaking of Mia, it’s her 6th birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

They get big so fast.