Made it out to Utah

Well, Mia and I had a great trip out across the Nevada Desert! The weather was very forgiving and we had fun exploring. Leaving from Northern California we made our way across highway 20 on up to I-80 where we decided to “luxury camp” in Donner State Park. After a few days of dust and heat it was nice to get in a shower and let our lungs breath some dust free air.

From there we headed down highway 89 to US 50 around Lake Tahoe. The lake was beautiful, as usual, and we took our time enjoying the sight. From there we headed out US 50 across Nevada. We stopped two nights along the way and did a bit of exploring. First night was at the Bob Scott campground just outside of Austin. This campground is pretty much the middle of no where, and it was a trip to hike around and check things out. We were lucky enough to be in the middle of two storms, and in a relatively calm place, so it was comfortable to explore for a couple of hours.

From central Nevada we continued east along US50 out to the Great Basin National Park and Lehman caves where we made camp. After getting camp set up and taking a tour of the cave the rain came. It was hard at times, but Mia and I holed up in the tent with good luck. It was nice to spend some time playing cards and relaxing.

The next morning we made our way up the Wheeler Peak summit road and got a great view of the peak. Just as we were heading out of the park a huge black cloud came up behind us and we got a good feeling that we had been and gone just in time. It was great.

From there we made our way east and explored the Utah desert for the day. We stopped at a dry lake to take a look and also had a great look at some really cool rock formations. Utah is so amazing!

Now we are going to take a break for a few days out here in Orem, but we have plans to explore some in the southern part of the state next week.