Fisherman’s Terminal, Seattle, WA

Having a good time up here in Seattle, going to STCW class and doing some work on the boat. Below is a picture of the forward CAT generator all tore up. It’s sure going to be nice when she’s all fixed up!

Class has been going good. I spent monday with 10 guys from the show “The Deadliest Catch” learning CPR and First aid! What a kick those guys were! Today I spent in the pool learning open water survival skills, which is right up my alley, and had a great time. I’m having a blast, and learning good things.

I should be back in Utah on Saturday, I’m looking forward to spending some time with my son for about a week. Then I’ll be in cali with my daughter for some quality time for a couple weeks, and then back to work.

Alert Bay, BC, Canada

Today we made it through the village of Alert Bay and on through British Columbia. This trip is going by really fast and we are not stopping a whole lot in Canada. I’m kind of sad that we aren’t getting to see some of the cool things out here, but I’m really just ready to get home at this point. I miss my kids.

The cruising is going well, we’ve been seeing great wild life the last few days. Today a bunch of Orcas popped up about 20 feet away from the ship. I was taking a breather on the “fantail” or the aft deck and all of the sudden there they were. Too bad they came and went without anyone even really noticing, I wasn’t complaining.

Tomorrow we are back to the Lower 48 with a stop off in Friday Harbor. I’ve only been out there one time, and I really don’t remember much about it. Maybe I’ll get some time to check things out a bit.

The picture above is some un-named waterfall that we happened upon. It was a good thing to see.

Cruising through BC

Well….I’m on the way south now. We cleared Canadian customs this morning and it’s been a little different since. Actually it was a little different yesterday too, we don’t usually go past Petersburg on an average trip. We went south from there through Wrangell Narrows, which is beyond cool, and went over to Misty Fjords which is a pretty cool place with lots of glacier-carved mountains and pretty waterfalls.

Last night got a bit crazy, we hit our first real seas in a while leaving Alaska and coming into BC. We got up to around 8 foot seas and every steward got real green, real quick. All the stewards aboard right now are recent additions to our group, and have only been around on the really calm waters of the inside passage. They weren’t alone getting sick, apparently several guests got ill as well.

British Columbia is nice, like a toned down version of Alaska. It’s great to see some different things, I was ready to head south. I’ll put something up every day for the next couple of days about what it’s like, but for now you’ll have to be good with a picture of my dream cabin in Wrangell Narrows.