My Maxpedition Pack

I was looking over the contents of my Ditch Bag the other day and I realized that the bag itself has been a faithful piece of equipment for a long time now. I bought my Maxpedition Condor pack in 2005 and have used it as my every day carry bag since then. 5 years is a long time for a piece of gear, and other than being a little dirty it’s as good as new.

There hasn’t been a problem to date with the zippers or stitching in any way, this bag is stout in every way. Not only would I feel comfortable using this bag for another five years, but I doubt I’ll have any problems with it in that time either.

Maxpedition makes quality products and I’m sure it won’t be the last one I purchase.

Happy birthday, Mia!

Yesterday my daughter turned 7 years old! She had a really good day, and I’m glad to say that she is perfectly happy and healthy.

Her mom is taking her to boomtown tomorrow, and I’m taking her camping next week. I’m sure she’s going to have fun with both!

Ah, how the time flies!