Tour of Nevada City

I got a chance to play with the new lens this last weekend, for a little bit. The kids and I went into Nevada City to watch the annual father’s day race through town. I’m not real big on this type of thing, but it was nice to be out in the sun doing something, anyways.

The lens is pretty nice. I hope to get some more practice with it coming up pretty soon here.

Sitka, AK

I’m off the ship now and spent the night here in Sitka. It’s amazing how similar all of the south east Alaska towns are. They sure do know how to roll up the sidewalks after 8pm here.

Sitka is a nice town, though I’ve not seen much of it other than the downtown area. The people are friendly and the streets are clean.

I’m off to the airport now, off to Utah!

What a week!

This is the last week of my rotation, and the boat has been pretty brutal to me. There’s been little time to see or do anything but fix her up. That’s how it goes, though.

I have got a little time in Sitka on Sunday, so I plan to trip around and take some pictures there. I’ve never over nighted there, so I’m looking forward to that.

From there it’s back to Utah to pick up Eli for the train ride to Cali, then on to pick up Mia and off we go!

Plans for the vacation are still in the works…. stay tuned for details.

Cool pieces of ice

We’ve been seeing some insane icebergs the last few days. Lots and lots of them! The way the trips go, we end up in Tracy Arm twice within three days and at LeConte Glacier on the ends of that, so four of five days we are in some pretty thick ice. It’s quite a sight!

The picture above was taken in Tracy Arm, and can only begin to show the color the ice really is. This guy was about a 75 foot square chunk. It’s amazing to be right up next to something like this, it makes me feel so small.

It’s my last week before I go back to the Lower 48, so I’m trying to get all the sights in I can. That also means I should have a new portfolio of pics from this little adventure floating around here pretty quick. Look out for that one.

Glacier Bay NP

There’s a couple of nice glacier pictures for you!

Things are still putting along, all is well. In my second to last week on the boat now, so it’s back to that tired and waiting on the second wind deal. I’m actually doing better this go around that previous times out. Just getting used to the gig, I guess.

I’m setting a goal for my vacation. To go get my merchant mariners document and start the process of getting a license. It’s time.

Inian Islands

It was a really nice day today. The weather has finally broke and we’ve been getting some rain. I’ve come to realize that the clouds are a huge part of what makes it so beautiful up here.

I had my first blackout on the ship today. Luckily it was while we were at anchor and nothing really important was going on. The galley is going to get a big slap on the wrist for this one! We just cant have EVERYTHING on in there full blast at the same time. They are all new, so they didn’t know, but…… now they do! Oh well. It had to happen sooner or later.