Alaska is going well.

All has been going pretty good since I got back to the ship. Nothing too crazy has broken, and we have had some really great wildlife. There’s been quite a few Orcas out and about and we even got to see some bubble-netting humpbacks. The Bears have been pretty exciting as well.

We caught the above Orca’s outside of the Inian Islands, and they were scoping out some sea lions that had been hanging out in the area. It’s funny how quiet the sea gets when they come around. Really amazing.

Back in Alaska

It’s nice to be back to work. All is going well, and I hope to have some great stories to tell soon.

For now you’ll have to settle for a nice picture of an ice berg I shot in Tracy Arm the other day.

Nevada Desert

I took a couple of days recently to explore around in the desert north of Winnemucca, Nevada recently and I was really impressed. The desert has some great terrain and wildlife to enjoy, and I feel that it’s pretty underrated.

On my next vacation, I hope to spend some time photographing up there so that you all can get a good idea of what I’m talking about.

Mono Lake

First day of the vacation trip we made it up to Mono Lake. With just a good solid day, we got to explore around the lake and see all the crazy landscapes here. We also took a swim in the REALLY salty water! It was interesting and even more buoyant than swimming in the ocean. Mono Lake is a great place to visit, and there is really few crowds, which makes it nice.

I may come back to the area again, because we were hearing good things about a place called devils pilepost. It sounds like it’s worth the trip back down.

Indian Valley and Brandy City

My brother and I took a nice little couple day trip up to Indian Valley and Brandy City this last weekend. It’s a bit of an annual thing that goes back to the days of our youth. The North Fork of the Yuba was still too cold to swim, but the weather sure was nice.