Eleuthera Point

Yesterday I explored the North half of the Island, today it was the South. The beaches in south were very nice, pink sand, never a soul there. It was really something else.

Renting the Jeep paid off well again today. The beaches on the south side of the island were the best so far. It’s about a mile drive on a fairly rough dirt road to get to the end of the island, but it’s worth it. I spent a bit of time there swimming and enjoying a very private setting.

On Sunday, 90% of businesses are closed. I was a bit worried about gas for the Jeep for a minute there. Most of the restaurants are closed, and many of the stores. If you even think you might need something, get it on Saturday. I’d also like to add that there are no big stores on this island. The closest thing to what I would call a “normal” grocery store was up in Lower Bogue on the north end. It’s a real grocery store, for the most part, but still not any cheaper than any other store I strolled into.

I do wonder how the people here survive at all. Gas is $5.11 a gallon, and a gallon of milk was $6 the other day. They probably just don’t use much of that stuff, but one has to believe that everything is the same and very expensive.

Tomorrow I drop the car off and head up to Harbour Island to check it out. It’s supposed to be an interesting place, but who knows what that means!

Current, Eleuthera

Yesterday I made my way up to the northern half of the Island. Renting cars here is expensive and none of them are in very good condition. There are no rental car agencies, just people who rent their cars out. Luckily I picked up a Jeep in fairly good condition for a couple of days, with the plan to explore the north one day and the south the next. Since the the island is 110 miles long, this was the only way I could get to see the most of it.

The town of Current on the north western side of the island was my final destination for the day, and it was a pretty good one. The sunset was nice, the water was clear and it was a good place to get a meal and a Kalik.

By the way…. it’s been in the 70’s, not warm, but nice. The water is actually fairly cold, I haven’t even swam yet! It didn’t help any that I only got my bag from the airline yesterday at 4 pm!

So now I’m off to the south part of “Lutra”. YAY!

Finally made it!!!

Yay, Eleuthera!

Things didn’t really totally work out the way that I had planned, but things never do. We made it into Nassau with a couple of hours to spare before we got onto the ferry for Eleuthera. I was really surprised at how diverse and interesting it was in Nassau, and it kind of bummed me out that we had missed one of our opportunities to really look around. We are thinking about the possibility of catching an earlier ferry and going back over to Nassau for a couple of days of perusing.

Eleuthera so far is amazing! It was dark when we came in, but we could still see some very interesting things along the way. Today we are going to rent a car and take a drive around, I have to get back to the airport in Governor’s Harbor to get my bag. Oh, did I mention that despite asking three different people in Atlanta and checking into things on the phone, the never put my bag on the plane? Really, I haven’t been all that impressed with Delta!

…And we are off….

Well….. My trip to the Bahamas is off with a bang. Literally. The plane out of Columbus this morning broke down, so they canceled the flight and stuck me here in Ohio. I can think of worse places, but it sure isn’t the Bahama’s!

So tonight I’ll make it to Atlanta, then over night there. From there I’ll make it to Nassau just in time to get on the boat. Wish me luck!

I’m done tomorrow

The last day of my rotation down here in baja is tomorrow. It’s been a REALLY quick 6 weeks, and I’m not even sure what happened while I was here. To say that I’ve been busy would be an understatement!

I did get to do a little bit while I was down here. There were some good dolphins and whales along the way and I got to swim with a sea turtle yesterday. In the grand scheme of things, I really can’t complain.

Hopefully, I’ll have wifi at the hotel in Cabo San Lucas tomorrow. If so, I’ll post up some more pics of the last few weeks.

Santa Rosalia

Santa Rosalia is a nice little mining town on the main highway south into Baja. It’s around 2/3’s of the way down the peninsula and there isn’t a whole lot going on. The nice thing about it, is that there isn’t the glitz and glamour like Cabo.

I’d rate it as a nice place to make a pit stop on a road trip, but not a whole lot more.