Elfin Cove


Made it over to Elfin Cove today. The little town on the coast is still about the same as the first time I saw it years ago. I like it, because it’s a very different type of place. I do wonder what it’s like if you came in a small group, rather than with a whole ship full of people. We are almost like locusts on the little place, but the money is probably pretty welcome.

Red Bluff Bay


One of my favorite places to go up here in Alaska is Red Bluff Bay. There’s a ton of iron ore in the soil, which makes it red, but it also stunts the growth of the plant life. There’s all types of miniature trees and things along the shoreline.

The water fall is pretty cool inside as well, but you will have to wait for the pictures from the slr to see that. I couldn’t get a decent shot on the phone.

Been a while

I got my handy dandy iPhone all tuned up now, so hopefully I can do a bit of a better job here now. Funny thing is that the boat has kept me VERY busy these last few weeks.

I’ve only managed to snap around 500 pictures in the last 5 weeks, and that’s about what I’ve done historically a week in the past. Sometimes I’d shoot that a day.

I have taken a few pictures with the phone and I’ve been impressed with it to this point.

When I get home I’ll go through and sort out some good ones for you to see. Until then….