The open sea, for me!

And so it goes…. I wrote a nice piece to go along with a nice picture and through the miracle of the net and some help of a slightly sea eroded mind it vanished into thin air….

So let me try and re-create it.

The smell of salt in the air. The motion of the ship as it chugs along, from wave to wave up the coast. Albatross as they glide through the air current created by the forming of a wave. The irony and eerie similarity when a humpback whale crosses the path of the ship in exactly the same manner as a squirrel would do on the highway back home.

These are all things that I enjoy so much about this trip I’m on right now. To make the three thousand mile journey from La Paz, Baja California, Mexico to Sitka, Alaska is something that I’m very glad to have done in my lifetime. Many people will never know the trials and tribulations, both mentally and physically, that go with this journey. I’m grateful to I know it, and someday will have great stories to tell my grand children.

The funny thing is, just how little the people around me seem to care about it. It’s really just another thing for them, mostly not even a good thing. Human nature sure is an interesting subject, maybe with some more study I will understand it better. Until then, I guess I will just have to go enjoy it myself!

Heading back to the ship

In the next six weeks I will set foot in four states and three countries making a big loop from home to Mexico, then up to Alaska along the Pacific coast and then back home. I’ll see (and hopefully photograph) the rockies, the sea of cortez, all of the west coast of the US from the side most people never see, the San Juan islands, Vancouver island, the Inside Passage through British Columbia and many points is southeast Alaska.

I’m thinking I should be able to snap a good picture or two! Or at least I sure hope so!

I have my camera situation slightly under control now, decent lenses, two ok bodies and a hope that I don’t have any issues like my last time out. The only lens I brought literally falling apart in my hands was NOT a good thing! I’ve been taking some practice shots with my new lens (I’ll post them up soon) and I think I’m ready for action.

Wish me luck!