Near-miss in the desert




We were all set to have a great fathers day weekend exploring around the black rock desert when it happened. The tire popped. Like a complete idiot, I had no spare.

Of course, since the tires on the van were old, but still in good shape I didn’t want to replace them, but I knew they no longer made tires in the size anymore and that’s why I didn’t have a spare. So now I have to fork out the cash for new tires AND new wheels, but I guess I knew that was gonna happen anyways.

Luckily for me, a cowboy named Sweeney happened to drive by, happened to have a spar that would fit the van and happened to be an awesome man who was kind enough to let me borrow it. Have I told you I am a lucky man before? I guess I used up some karma credits, though.

Black rock is a beautiful place. I’m thinking we will try again when I get home next time. This go around I think I’ll take TWO spares, maybe I can repay some karma credits.

Ahhh…. Life!

As usual, life is not nearly as horrible as I tend to make it out to be. If things keep going down this track I’m looking ok for holding on to many of the things that I find good in my life. I am, once again grateful for this and will continue to be until further notice.

I have spent quite some time picking through pictures from my last rotation recently. I have about one more weeks worth to go through, then I’ll put them up for everyone to see. I think I’ve got some pretty good ones, I hope you like them!

I’ve also found a good deal on an older canon 35mm body that will use the lenses that I already have. I’m excited about trying my hand at this for a while. I think it’ll help me to understand what I’m doing a little better, but I also think that the quality of prints is going to be quite a bit better as well. I know that I can send a roll of film off now to a lab and they will send me back negatives, prints and a digital copy of every print. This will be a fun and exciting thing to try out. I’ll let you know how it goes when I get some time in on it.