10 reasons why I’m excited about this trip!

1. My first trip off the North American continent.

2. I get to learn another language.

3. Experiencing new cultures is always interesting, especially one that is far removed from my own.

4. I’ll probably never have an excuse to visit this part of the world again.

5. A chance to photograph something different.

6. Seeing a place that is so important to the world, yet I know so little about will help me have a better understanding of how the world really is.

7. This is a precursor to something big. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

8. I get to see my best friend!

9. Being a tourist in a place that’s only source of income is something other than tourism will probably make for a good time.

10. Ah…. The exciting and new!

Trip planning for Kuwait

Being the type of traveller that I am, I’ve been spending the last few weeks reading and researching everything that I can find on the subject of taking a trip to Kuwait.

Typically, how I’ve planned a trip before is that I first decide where I want to go and then i decide how long I want to be there for. On this trip i am going to see someone I know, so that is what decided the where for me. Timing wise, it became clear that a week would be about what I could afford, so that made that pretty easy.

If I am planning a visit to a place solely for the purpose of going to that place I might ask myself when it’s best to be there and make a point of centering my trip on that.

From there I went to the usual places to gather information. Google, wiki travel and lonely planet are pretty good sources in my opinion. Trip advisor is pretty good for some info as well.

So far, I have managed to pick up a lonely planet book on tourism in Kuwait as well, but that is the only book on the subject I have found so far. Oddly enough, 90% of the things to do there are museums or shopping. It kind of makes sense, but I know there is adventure in Kuwait somewhere! I just have yet to find it.

I’m hoping to find some kind of info on the jet ski or ATV rentals that I’ve heard about, but there is little floating around about it on the net.

It looks like, if I want to explore the countryside I’ll have to rent a car… Which is kind of sketchy in my opinion, though I did have good luck with that on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. It just feels like its going to be a case of “I’ll have to see what happens when I get there!”

Sometimes that works, sometimes not so good.

This years big trip

I was worried to jinx myself earlier, but since things are moving along nicely now I think it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. In September I’m heading to Kuwait for about a week!

I’ve wanted to head to the middle east for some time now, and since I have the more then adequate excuse to go visit my good friend in Kuwait I figured now is the time. I’ll lay out my plans and why here in a few days, but for now I just wanted to let everyone know what the plan is. If anyone has suggestions or thought, I’d love to hear them!

Mostly I’m wanting to go take pictures of everything I can and
explore around the area for whatever cool things that come my way. I’m fascinated by the culture and really excited to see how folks live on the other half of the world.

The life of a traveler

Oddly enough, I am surrounded by beauty, things that make people say “WOW!” every day and yet I still find a way to become complacent. The human brain is an interesting thing. It’s rather funny to me that life ends up this way, but it sure does. It makes me wonder how best to battle the complacency. I try pretty hard to have a camera in my hand and find excitement wherever I can, because I feel like it helps pass the time better for lack of a more descriptive term.

As I go further along I find that being put in front of a beautiful thing is simply not enough to create happiness in life. A good example of this would be a beautiful woman or man. If you are single and looking for your soul mate you will come across many beautiful people that will attract you in different ways, but of its not the right way you will never have a lasting relationship. I believe that life is like this as well. I believe that if you don’t chose the RIGHT lifestyle for you, you will never be happy. Dating the wrong person, living in an uncomfortable place, or working a job you hate, it’s all the same. If you are unhappy with any of these things, you cannot be a truly happy person.

On top of all that then is the fact that we can become complacent with the things we love and fall out of love with them. So my question or you, is how do we as human beings avoid complacency?

To me, there’s only one way. Releasing your inner child. Never lose your ability to ask “why?” or do something completely random just for the sake of doing it. If there is one thing I’ve learned from the older folks who travel with me it’s this. Keep your inner child in tact. Stand on an iceberg, even if everyone tells you it’s not safe and you shouldn’t do it.