New project 4runner

Life is always a little different than we figure it will be, and lately it’s been no different for me. In a twist of fate I ended up with a new project vehicle, and I’m pretty happy with it.

I really wanted a 4 door Toyota 4runner, and after looking for some time I finally found one with a four cylinder and a 5 speed tranny. These things are getting pretty hard to come by these days, so I had to choose. Good everything but the motor or good motor and everything else beat up. In the end I came out with a 1990 4runner that is very good EXCEPT it has a tired motor. In my mind, this is exceptable, since I can now swap in a rebuilt motor and have a good vehicle all for a decent price. Or at least in theory. Time will tell, I’d guess.

Ill start a page for the new rig an as things go along I’ll update it and keep you informed of what I learn. For now, wish me luck. I doubt I’ll need it, but it never hurts!