Leaving Mexico behind for now

Tomorrow morning I will wake up and be back in US waters. I guess that I’m ready for that, but maybe not. Baja is nice, but it’s good to move on.

This positioning trip is just plain astounding. It’s almost perfectly flat, no seas and little wind. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m kind of glad it’s like this, but it sure does make it boring. Who wants to work, anyways? I’d rather be pitching and yawing along the coast right now. Oh, well! There’s always the south-bound trip later this year.

Anyways, all is well and I’ll post some more pictures to my Baja 2013 page tomorrow when I can find a little time.

Baja page updates

Hola mi amigo’s!

I updated some of the pictures on my Baja Page for this year, so you should go over there and take a look.

All is well this season, it’s been a bit windy this year, but we have still had some really nice days, and seen some really great wild life.