Life in the black water tank

By Clay Collins

Oh shit.
It happened again.

Is it a t-shirt?
Or someone’s undies?
Or a gaggle of tampons?
Maybe a bunch of condoms from some one that had more fun than me?

Could be any or all
That has gotten me today
To get in the shit tank and say
“What the fuck!”
With great dismay.

Now I have to go in the shit tank
And get it all out.
Unclog all the crap that’s in the pump
So the rest if the boat can take a dump.

And the only good part is
That after I’m done
I can go find the captain and shake his hand
And pat ten people on the back with a smile and say
What a good job they are doing today
And all this before I sanitize myself in any way.

Because sharing is caring
And I’m a caring fool

Maybe life in the black water tank isn’t so bad after all!