Going new places is cool

But I haven’t even had much time to think about it lately. I’ve been studying like crazy for the testing process to become a license engineer. There’s a series of four tests that have to be passed in order to receive the license and it’s no easy task. The first test covers refrigeration, hydraulics, boilers, and regulations. It’s pretty rough. The second test cover electricity and electronics, the third is Diesel engines and the fourth is safety. Essentially, to become a licensed officer engineer you have to be a refrigeration tech, an electrician, a diesel mechanic, a hydraulic tech, a medic, a fire fighter, a mathematician, and a techno geek. All in one. How’s that for some brain power?

Anyways, aside from all of the studying, I did get a few pictures on my Flickr stream, did you see those?

Other than Haida Gwaii, not too much interesting has happened this trip. In starting to plan the next trip now, though. A family camping/road trip up to Montana next month. That should be fun. Does anyone have suggestions for good camping and swimming spots in eastern Oregon or Northen Idaho? The intended route is 395 to Oregon, then up to Hells canyon and over to glacier national park, then back down from there.

Canada is…

A beautiful place.
A little bit different than the US in a lot of ways.
Full of interesting things to see.
On the short list of places I need to visit here soon.
A nice place to sail through
Lucky, they have all kinds of cool cars here. I saw a Toyota Hilux Surf turbo diesel yesterday and fell in love.
And finally, is an outdoor persons playground.