Using the wordpress mobile app

I’ve been using the wordpress mobile app with varying degrees of success, but the android version of it on my tablet is not so good. I apologize for any duplicate posts, it looks like the last on I posted 7 times!!! Oops!

It’s nice to have it be quick and easy, but WordPress has some things I iron out still.

Art Sutch Photography

Art Sutch PhotographyIn Juneau today, I had a chance to stop in to Art Sutch Photography to talk photos with Art and have a glance at some of the cool goodies he has in his tiny store. Art is more than a wedding photographer, though that is obviously where he makes his money. He is also a diver, underwater photographer, nature photographer, and he runs the store. In the store he has some great equipment for sale, mostly Fuji and Nikon, tripods and goodies. He is actually the one who turned me on to Fuji digital cameras, which I am grateful for.

Art is a great guy to hang out and shoot the breeze with, with a cool attitude and a wealth of information. I always love my visits there.

If you are ever in Juneau and need camera gear, stop in and say hi to Art. Even if you just want to talk photography, you should still stop in and chat.

Life at sea

It’s a funny thing, being a sailor. Us sailors live in an interesting world, but it’s not too unlike any other business. There are good companies to work for and there are bad. Only time really will tell which it is that you are employed by.

In this business there are a few types that stand out. The company I work for is in a business where they cannot charge whatever they want for their product. Going on a cruise can’t be prohibitively expensive, because no one would go. No one has to go on a cruise, but people want to go. So in this type of company the employee suffers, because the only way for the owners to profit is to take from the employees. To take from the customer is business suicide. That is why cruise line jobs are low paying and generally the crew is not looked after too well. We are the enemy of their profit.

On the other hand we have the oil companies. They pay their employees well, take good care of them and look out for them. The reason why they can do this is because they have their customers cornered. The customer will absorb the cost of taking care of the employees, so the workers are good. The customer is the enemy of their profit.

My question is, what is worse? To work for a company who treats you ok at best and is fairly honorable to its customers, or work a high paying job that is never wanting for anything, but the customer gets taken to the cleaners.

Hopefully there is a middle ground out there some where, I just have yet to find it.


Southeast Alaska is a special place. I’ve been coming up here since 2008 and I am still I’m not tired of the sights, the beauty is beyond comparison. I know that there are lots of pretty places in the world, but I think this one ranks in the top few.

Tracy Arm is spectacular. Two glaciers at the end of a fjord with 3000 foot cliffs on either side. There’s no place better in Alaska, or maybe even North America in my opinion.

The humpback whales are everywhere. This alone is great, but add to that the spectacle bubble net cooperative feeding and the show becomes epic.

Drop dead vistas around every corner, there’s a reason why cruise ships come here by the dozens. There are so many bays and arms to hang out in, it still seems isolated.

A million different ways to play in Alaska make it easy to explore. Not cheap, mind you, but easy. Float planes, ferries, kayaks, cruise ships, even some roads make for excellent adventures. Most people have no idea how cool it is to take a float plane ride or have a ship drop you on a beach for a night to camp, or making a kayak trip up Glacier Bay, but I can assure you, it’s awesome.

Living a life at sea isn’t always easy, but there are rewards and being able to visit places like this is one of them.