Home brew snorkel

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while now, and I think it’s about time. This Surf has a little different air box, but I think I can adapt mine and make it work.




I will probably get a head from Ebay and the pipe from a local muffler shop. The one thing I’m not sure about is the tube he uses going up to the pipe from the air box. I would think that smooth would be better.

Recommended Reading

Heres some of the books I have read lately, that i would recommend.

From border to border: crossing the continent by Land Rover by Peter Southwood

Will to Live by Les Stroud

Desert Travels by Chris Scott

Drive Nacho Drive by Brad and Sheena Van Orden

Around the world in 10 years by Pablo Rey

The lost raft by John Haslett

Shantaram by Gregory  David Roberts

Hungry as the Sea by Wilbur Smith

Sea Poems

“When ships  are no more than ships to me,
And there’s no place left as I’d like to see;
When fun’s all flat and jokes are stale,
There’s  no tate left in the cakes and ale,
Stitch me up as soon as you like,
In a corner of a worn out sail;
With oily stones at my heels and head,
Toss me overboard, and I’ll be dead.”
-Steaming to Bamboola