I haven’t had much to talk about lately. Life has been moving along at a pretty good pace, but I haven’t really had any big adventures to speak of. Honestly, I kind of lost my spark for a little bit, but it’s coming back. Just a little different now. Older and wiser? I’m not to sure about the latter, but definitely the former.

I do have some updates. In the last couple months I’ve sold both my old Toyota truck and my Van. It was heart breaking, but it needed to be done. I just didn’t need them any more, and I have a firm belief that too much stuff is a bad thing. The 4runner has become the vehicle that makes the most sense and I use it for just about everything nowadays. I’ve been using the money from the other two vehicles to fund fixing it up, so that works out ok.

I haven’t been doing much in the way of photography lately and it’s making me sad. I feel like the rut I’ve been in has made it hard to see things in a photographic manner, and recently I realized this is a horrible thing that I’ve allowed to happen. Sometimes taking a step back is good, so I guess I’m going to find out.

As for this website, I have thought that I might be done with it, but that comes and goes. If anything its a journal of my past experiences and I’d like to keep it for that. I guess it doesn’t hurt to keep it going as an archive, maybe even to be rejuvenated at some point in the future.