Hardwoodsman Challenge

I’ve been trying to hone my skills as a woodsman for a while now. It seems like I should know all of these things already, since I’ve been running through the woods all of my life. 40 plus years and I still don’t know most of the plants in the woods, or how to start a fire with no man made materials. This is going to change!

There is a website called Bushcraft USA that I’ve been surfing for a while now, it’s been a pretty good source of information and advice on becoming a better woodsman. They have a couple of online courses of sorts available to help keep the skills alive. One is what they call Bushclass, which I’ve been working my way through. It is basically the fundamentals of skills that are required to become a good woodsman.

There is also a group of fellows on that sight that have done what’s called the Hardwoodsman Challenge. I hope to start working on these soon, since the skills involved are very relevant to being outside quite often. The sad thing about it is that the person who started it, and is in charge of it, has gotten burned out on the whole thing and has pretty much walked away.

Through a series of posts I hope to capture the essential parts of the challenge and keep it alive. A series of posts following this one will include videos of not only the lesson by the teacher, but the students submissions for the class as well. One day soon I hope to become one of them myself, so this will help me on that path. Even if it’s only to say that I did it, I’m ok with that.

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