Types of knives for the woodsman

First, let’s see what Mors has to say about knives.

Now considering the fact that we have many different shapes of knives is important, let’s take a look at some of them below.

While this is just a small sample of the different types, it helps to have a visual representation of some of the names commonly used.

Creek Stewart brings up some good points as well in this video.

I tend to agree with Creek, in that the full tang knife is the way to go. I’ve never been real keen on using a folding knife in the woods, but recently folks in the Mors camp have shown me that there is more than one way.

What do I personally recommend? Trying several styles of knives out and making a decision based on what you like is best. It may even change with time, so having sevreal different types of blades at your disposal is a good idea. Most importantly, get out there and find out what works.

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