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Clayton Collins

Born and raised in small town Northern California I was shown how to live with an appreciation for life in the outdoors starting at an early age. Within the last ten years I have gained quite an affection for traveling all over the North American continent and hope to add India and north Africa to that list in the future.

Travels so far include every state in the US (with the exception of Hawaii), Canada and Mexico multiple times, Costa Rica and recently Kuwait. So far traveling to the southwest portion of the lower 48 is still my favorite, namely Moab, Utah and surrounding areas.

Future plans include a camping trips into the Sierra’s and hopefully a road trip to Baja at some point.

I am currently employed as a maritime engineer with Crowley Petroleum Services hauling gasoline up and down the California coast on an Articulating Tug and Barge or ATB.

In my free time I like to work on 4×4 vehicles, mostly Toyota 4×4’s but anything will do. I’ve built several vehicles over the years, from mild to fairly wild, but lately I’ve settled down in my intentions quite a bit.

Some of my past projects:

christmas08 026

snowrun 045

christmas08 023



4runner snow

1990 4runner

I am also an amatuer photographer, shooting with Fuji camera’s, and mostly working with landscape. I avoid apple and Adobe products at all costs and process all of my photo’s using GIMP on my Asus laptop.

I can be contacted by email most any time, please drop me a note and let me know what you think!


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