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Taking pictures has been something that has always interested me, not because I wanted to be the star of the show, but because I was always interested in the information that they convey. As a child I raced BMX bicycles and became a junky of the BMX magazines that taught me tricks and technical aspects of the sport. There was never a time between the ages of 10 and 15 that I didn’t have a BMX magazine within feet of me. I often day dreamed of taking the pictures and writing the stories, it was always about being there and watching history as it unfolded.

When I reached the driving age I quickly turned my attention to 4×4’s and the magazines that accompany that genre. In time, I started getting out and going to events where the journalists from “Fourwheeler”, “4 wheel and off road” and “4wd and sport utility” magazines were in attendance. Often times I spoke with them about their jobs and then dreamed of living that lifestyle myself. Unfortunately, I never really had the money and the ability to get into photography like I wanted.

Then I got a job on a ship that is staffed by many photographers that have been published around the world, including many who are employed by National Geographic Society. National Geographic magazines have been on my mother’s coffee table since I was a small child, so I was familiar with many of the names and just how good the photographs were.

Now, I’ve been out here for six years and have learned a whole bunch from them. The weekly lectures, and many hours spent talking about what it is that makes a good photo have started to set in with me. My cameras have gotten better, moving right along with my skills. In time I may even make some money at it.

I still dream of writing articles and taking pictures for magazines. To be published has turned into a goal I’ve set for the distant future and it doesn’t seem so far-fetched now. Over the last several years I have been documenting and writing here on Atlastrekker, and I hope to continue making this website better with time.

So for now I’ll keep on shooting and learning, hoping that someone sees what I do and is compelled to ask for more.

My gear list at this time:
Fuji XE-1 Body
Fuji XF 18-55mm lens
Fuji XF 18mm lens
Gitzo tri-pod
Tiffen filters
Lightroom 3

Please take a peek at some of the pictures to the right under photography or have a look at my portfolio on and my Flickr Photostream. I hope you enjoy!

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