How much does it cost to put a rebuilt engine in your Toyota 4×4?

Since I’ve recently done just such a project, I thought I would share my findings. The below list is everything that I needed or felt I needed to replace along the way. Some folks may need more or less, but this is what I found.
misc bolts/nuts 7.14
Coolant 20.24
oil cap 5.49
pcv valve 4.29
pcv valve grommet 3.99
radiator hose clamps x4 2.96
pulley bolt 19.55
oil filter x2 8.98
distributor cap 23.16
distributor rotor 16.51
Manifold studs 25.05
manifold stud nuts 15.75
resurface exhaust manifold 65.00
resurface intake manifold 65.00
Intake studs 8.98
Oil 29.88
Wire ties 4.99
Clutch 113.00
spark plugs 8.92
power steering belt 4.80
alternator belt 8.80
ac belt 16.27
upper radiator hose 14.97
middle radiator hose 12.68
lower radiator hose 19.17
water pump 31.99
rebuild on alternator 97.31
rebuilt injectors 170.00
long block engine 1995.00

sub total 2839.73
sales tax 220.08
Total 3059.81

Would I do it again? Of course I would.
What would I do differently? Nothing too much, since I now have a reliable and solid vehicle for what I would assume to be 200,000 miles or more. I’m sure there will be other things that go wrong along the way, but I know that there is nothing on this vehicle that I can’t personally fix myself, and parts wont be hard to find for many years to come.
Some people may say that I could have bought a whole other vehicle for that much money, but would it have a new motor in it? Would it be safe enough to drive to the end of the continent and back? That’s what I want here.

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