I went for a walk today….

And I seen the Sierras at the most beautiful time of year. The first trip I take on snowshoes is always my favorite of the year, because everything is so drasticly different than it was just a few short weeks prior. It reminds me just how amazing life really is. You can take something that when you first get to know it is very nice, give it some time and you get to watch it blossom into the most amazing thing. It’s nice how you get to enjoy it for a little while, then you leave for a bit, come back and all of the sudden it takes your breath away.

During the summer I travel by vehicle or foot all through the mountains nearby and it captures my heart every time. Then it starts raining and there is some catching up that needs to be done to prepare for winter around the house and I dont get to go out much. Then it starts snowing and the chores are all cought up and I have cabin fever, and that’s when I go.

There is the amazing beauty of the mountains covered in a blanket of snow, all the trees tucked in for the winter, but there is also the way it makes everything that is harsh about the world seem to go away. Don’t get me wrong, winter in the mountains can make a fun place very deadly, I fully understand that. There is always that chance I’d guess, but sometimes the things that are the most dangerous are the ones you want the most.

The very best thing about it all is that sometimes the whole thing reminds me of another thing in life and that is what makes me smile the most.

Welcome to my new blog

If you have found this, then you are either a lucky person or I invited you. Thank you for reading my thoughts, though I’m sure they may seem interesting at times.

Just to get things started I want to talk a bit about myself and what I am all about. I am from a small town in Northern California that has a booming population due to the fact it is an amazing place. It’s the mountains, big trees, some snow (but not too much) lakes, rivers, and four seasons. The Sierra Nevada mountains are truly an amazing place, full of enough entertainment for the adventursome.

I’ve lived here on and off all of my life, mostly staying in Northern California if I did move away due to one thing or another untill recently I went on the road working and fell in love with seeing the rest of what is going on in the world. Actually I’ve been intruiged by it for quite some time, but recently it became my addiction. I can’t think of anything but where I’m going to go next, and how I’m going to make it happen. I’m not really sure if it’s a permanent thing or not, but it is something that is not going away for now.

Ideally I would love to find a great, cheap, and satisfying place to call home, but spend as little time there as possible. That would be ideal, but I know that’s not really life. There are too many things in life that keep me from living this lifestyle and in some ways I am perfectly ok with that. It’s nice to have a good job and a boss that cares for you. It’s also nice to go home to someone that loves you and you love them and everything is all good, but I don’t currently have that so no concern there.

In the end it’s the thought of the great unknown and the great outdoors that makes me happy, but I plan on pouring my mind out here about much more than that. More later….

Travel by any means