Every Day Carry, or EDC for short, is the root of the survivalist kits. Things the survivalist would carry on their person at all times are:
Good quality shoes
6 pocket good quality pants
Pocket Knife, folding and of decent quality
Multi-tool, Leatherman or Gerber
Cell phone
Flash Light
Altoid PSK

Altoid PSK
The Altoids PSK, or Personal Survival Kit, is a good way to carry many useful things in a small package. This kit is more of an insurance policy than anything, but if you are ever lost in the woods you will be great full that you have it!

12”x12” ‘Heavy duty’ aluminum foil.
3-Razor blades.
2-Band aids.
4-Alcohol prep pads. (Can also be used as tinder).
Small button compass.
30’ Fishing line. (I prefer Spyder line; can be used as a thread as well.)
6- hooks, 6- sinkers, a couple of different lures.
8’ wire for snares.
Pencil and paper. For sketch maps, notes, etc..
2-Safety pins and 1-yarn needle for sewing.
5’ duct tape wrapped around pencil.
2 pieces Firesticks for kindling. (Substitute Mayan Dust or any other tinder).
12 Waterproof matches w/ striker.
1 spare saw blade from Gerber multi-tool for general cutting.

Every day carry bag
This kit is to get you home from places you might travel during the day, and allow you to make it through the day with anything you might need. The biggest thing is that you take it with you no matter where you go, and always have it right by your side.

The best way to put together a kit is to find a bag you won’t mind carrying with you wherever you go, then start adding things as you go. What I’ve included in my list below is the things that I have added over the years, and while it works for me, I would recommend you add or subtract things as you see fit. Remember that different situations require different things, and the list is going to be somewhat static. The most important thing here is to make it comfortable, and never let the thing get out of your immediate area, ever!

Good sturdy day pack sized backpack
Handheld radio capable of receiving weather channels and local fire/ems/police frequencies
First Aid Kit
Emergency breathing mask
Bug spray
Note pad with all important contact information (in case you lose your cell phone!)
Cell Phone
Mylar blanket
Hand warmers
Small flashlight
Extra batteries
fixed blade knife
Small folding pocket knife
“Commando” Saw
Dryer lint in film canister
Magnesium fire starter
Energy bars
Water Purification Tablets
Clear plastic garbage bag
Ziploc Bag
Mini Ranger survival manual
32oz nalgene water bottle
titanium coffee cup
25 feet para cord

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